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Tony Awards!

I'm surprised nobody has put up a post yet - here is one! Devoted to everybody's favorite awards ceremony :)

Who saw them last night? Anyone have any thoughts - regarding any aspect? Performances, awards, etc? :D Let's get the ball rolling. Here were a few thoughts I had.. just to try and get the ball rolling. 

- I was really disappointed that The Pajama Game won best Revival. I'm sorry, Sweeney and Threepenny I felt were worlds above it - Sweeney taking an entirely new spin on the material, and Threepenny just rocking my life... The performance of Sweeney Todd gave me goosebumps, and the Threepenny performance - just - LOVE. Who knew Cyndi Lauper had such skills? She looks amazing, and I loved the smooth transition from dancers to po' po' at the end. : ) The Tango-Ballad is my favorite song from the show - so I was thrilled that they chose to perform it.

- Hal Prince winning the Lifetime Achievement.. awww... yay. That man won 20 Tonys? Geez. I didn't realize it was that many.. but yay for him! A production of Phantom in Las Vegas? Exciting. 

- The fact that Alan Cumming wasn't even NOMINATED for a Tony for his performance as Mack the Knife is BEYOND me. My fanatical devotion to him aside, he deserved to be

- For no host this year, the show ran really smoothly, I felt.. 

- I haven't seen The Jersey Boys.. has anyone? The small performance they offered on the Tonys to be honest, wasn't that impressive. I felt it was cute, but not Tony-winning caliber. My pick? The Wedding Singer... I was so surprised to see Stephen Lynch starring in it! Yay! He's always been hysterical as a stand-up comedian.. This is a great new turn for him.

Only a few opinions - but let's get a discussion happening! Whee...?
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