Hello I'm new here.

I'm on a Les Mis kick now and generally I do like musicals but I love selected ones only.

I'm currently working in Singapore and it is also here that I saw my first musical.

Phantom of the Opera.

And I loved it.

It didn't matter that I was sitting on the highest tier on the last row. At least I was smacked dab in the center so the sound was perfect.

I went back to watch it a second time but was a tad disappointed cos it felt so rushed..but maybe I was just biased to my first ever viewing.

Sadly, none of my friends here are interested in musicals.

My first viewing was with friends who are mad about musicals and POTO and they came over from Malaysia just to watch it.

My second viewing I dragged a friend, but her response was...' that it'...o.0

My second musical that I watched was King and I.

Sad to say I fell asleep during Act 1..but I was exhausted..(I went for the Matinee but...yea...)

I'm praying that Sound of Music, Oliver or Les Mis will come to Singapore.

My first exposure really was Phantom of the Opera when I was 12 years old. My class had to perform a skit in front of the entire school (every class had to perform at each school assembly which was I think once every two weeks.)

Thinking back now, it was really amusing. For some reason we had 'Christine' sweeping the floor a la Cinderella...

Talk about being misguided. =D

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Hey there! I'm Emily, brand spanking new to this community :-) I love musicals, but I've never seen any outside of my towns community theatre. I'd really like to see one (or maybe even perform one) on Broadway one day. I think my favorites are Phantom of the Opera, Rent, and Little Shop of Horrors (yes I know how corny it is lol, I love it though). A few years ago I was in Pirates of Penzance as a policeman, but the year after that I played the stepsister Portia in Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella. That's pretty much as far as my experience goes :-) This coming school year I'm taking a music theater class, so I'm really hoping to learn more about it. Well, that's really all I can think of to say so thanks for listening :-)
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Tony Awards!

I'm surprised nobody has put up a post yet - here is one! Devoted to everybody's favorite awards ceremony :)

Who saw them last night? Anyone have any thoughts - regarding any aspect? Performances, awards, etc? :D Let's get the ball rolling. Here were a few thoughts I had.. just to try and get the ball rolling. 

Only a few opinions - but let's get a discussion happening! Whee...?
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Im so excited in October im going to NYC for a wedding and while we are there we are going to see "Wicked"(one of my favorite broadway plays ever!!!)Im soo excited!Just thought i would share!

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Just saw the movie for Phantom of the Opera last night. Boy, I had to hold back on all the things I wanted to say during the showing. Let me first say that it is not a bad movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber's show- in fact, he had a hand in it. The special effects, cinematography, sets, costumes and "look" overall ranged from acceptable (the Phantom was supposed to be more grotesque under that mask, and his "Mask of the Red Death" costume where he busts into the new year's party at the start of Act II was decent, though if you are unfamiliar with "Phantom" you would not have made that connection.) to positively phenomenal (Emmy Rossum and Minnie Driver's gowns and corsets- also Patrick Wilson had the perfect look of Raoul, though I prefer a brunette Raoul to the quasi-"Lestat" Tom Cruise playing Raoul they put on him- c'est la vie).

beware, it can get a little long- but there are some pretty pictures!Collapse )

Wow, I had no idea that "review" would take up so much space, let a lone time to write!  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Ramblings of your own?  Do you agree or disagree?  If so, why?


Song Help

I'm thinking about auditioning for this choir/singing group some time soon but most importantly, I'm thinking about what song I should sing when I do. I'm 15 and I'm an alto. I can do some sop (mezzo-sop) stuff but I'm more comfortable doing alto songs using chest (and middle) voice. I was thinking of doing "16 Going On 17" from The Sound of Music since I find it pretty easy for me compared to some other songs out there but I'd like to get more ideas and keep my options open. Can anyone suggest nice songs that I can sing? How about songs that are somewhat similar to "16 Going On 17" that you would recommend? I'd really, really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!


Audio Request

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has an audio file (preferrably MP3 but mostly any common audio file type would do) of the song "Soon As I Get Home" from The Wiz, preferrably the version/track from the musical play? I really, really need it and I've been looking everywhere online (as well as offline) but unfortunately, I've had no luck. I would really, really, really appreciate it if anyone can direct me to where I can get it online or better yet, if anyone can upload it for me (via and such)...thanks in advance!

P.S. My e-mail address is if anyone has any information. I also have some audio files and music sheets that I can trade, if that helps. Thanks!