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hey everyone! i love acting so much! i was hermia in a midsummers night dream, and i was satine in the los angeles play of moulin rouge. i love it sooo much, i cant even express it. anyway, im 14 and im going to boarding school at stevenson in pebble beach, im origionally from st. helena california, and i have ben acting and singing since i was 5, i was in a commercial for chain of old folks home, i was in about 17 plays, literally, and i almost went out for the series of unfortunate events, by lemony snikett, and know him, so he invited me to go and try out for violet, but i couldnt go to the auditions in england, i felt really bad, but i ended up having dinner with "lemony sniket" his real name is daniel, and hes a really good friend of the family's. but yea, thats basically my bio. <3
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